[Book Review] Cloud Native Spring In Action: With Spring Boot and Kubernetes

Learn about Spring Boot, Kubernetes, and Cloud Native step by step with a practical project

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I don’t know where to begin to write a fair and worthy review for this amazing book. On the other hand, I think writing this review might be a little late because I bought this book more than a year ago when it was in the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) and read it chapter by chapter when the author was completing it. And fortunately met the author (Thomas Vitale) in person at Spring I/O 2022 conference in Barcelona last year. I admit that I am lazy, I have read this book two times (maybe more!) and have recommended it to several of my friends and colleagues, but I got lazy to write a review for that. But Never late to mend, So let's start.

Cloud Native Spring In Action: With Spring Boot and Kubernetes by Thomas Vitale

Five important aspects of this book

I believe that these 5 important properties of this book make it special and stand out:

  • Thomas Vitale: A seasoned Software Engineer, Cloud Architect, and Conference Speaker who describe every concept in detail, you feel to have a compassionate mentor throughout the book.
  • Spring Boot: You will learn Spring Boot with fun by implementing a real Cloud Native application, writing many tests, learning Reactive Spring and Spring Cloud, and engaging with basic concepts in Spring Boot.
  • Cloud Native: Learning cloud native concepts with a good balance between theory and practice.
  • Kubernetes: You will learn how to develop and deploy cloud native applications in a local cluster and a managed cluster (production) as well, and how to apply continuous deployment using GitOps practices on Kubernetes.
  • Polar Bookshop: Having a practical Cloud Native project with several services which getting completed chapter by chapter, will be very helpful for better learning.



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